Born in Florence on 21st April 1946.
He is a retired University of Pisa Associate Professor of Economics and Information Management.
Registered with the Order of Florentine Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, Section A, as of 4th December 1971 Via Ministerial Decree dated 8th April 1981 enrolled in the Register of Official Accountants.
Via Ministerial Decree dated 12th April 1995, enrolled in the Register of Official Auditors, now known as the Register of Statutory Auditors.
Nominated on 30th November 2010 as an Auditor of the University of Florence, for projects and programs funded by the European Union.
Registered with the Order of Specialized Technical Consultants for the Court of Florence and various other Public Entities.
From 1996 – 2009 he sat as a Judge of the Florentine Provincial Tax Commission.
He is the Official Accounting Auditor for a number of companies, both Public and privately owned.
He works from his offices in Florence (Italy), in Via Pietro Metastasio n. 22, as a Chartered Account and Auditor specializing mainly in the areas of corporate law, corporate finance and taxation law.

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